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Braum Family Farm
Tuttle, OK


In 1968, Bill Braum opened the first Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Store...but the Braum story actually begins long before that time, spanning three generations with over six decades of history behind it.

It began in the State of Kansas in 1933. Bill Braum was in grade school when he began his career by helping his father, Henry H. Braum, with the family business, a small butter and milk processing plant in Emporia, Kansas. Seven years later ice cream processing was added to the operation.

Bill Braum worked through high school with his father and after receiving a degree in ...
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Keepsake Candles
Bartlesville, OK


Each KeepsakeĀ® Candle is hand-made to our exacting specifications. The molds for our candles are taken from antique glassware dating from 1820 to around 1940. Specially formulated heat-resistant Oklahoma paraffin wax is poured into the mold and rotated by hand to form a wax shell. The shell is then filled with softer, richly scented wax. All in all the process takes nearly two days to complete. When the candle is lit, the scented inner wax burns slowly to the bottom releasing its aromatic fragrance. Light glows softly through the colored, patterned exterior, and the shell remains to be refilled and ...
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