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IMPORTANT: Always call the business before going to take the factory tour. We try and keep our data s up-to-date as possible but you should always check first.

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Rosetree Glass Studio and Gallery
446 Vallette Street, New Orleans, LA   70114
Map Location           Latitude: 29.951525   Longitude: -90.048892
Email Address: [email protected]
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Artist Statement
"It is through twenty years of working with glass that I have gained an understanding of the dialogue that is established between artist and material. A lapse of concentration can ruin a piece, but a controlled flick of the wrist or light breath through the blowpipe can give the piece a subtle curve or movement that makes the piece extraordinary. It is this controlled spontaneity that makes glass so magical. I know that the weight from the additional glass bits on the side of the piece will stretch the form. But by using centrifugal force and holding the piece at the correct angle and speed, I can create a composition with the glass that allows both the glass and artist some influence on the final piece. Glassblowing is much akin to a dance; the artist moves with respect and knowledge of the partner. Each has an important contribution to the final piece, but only one will lead - the artist. The dance, when completed, yields an object that was only conceived in one?s imagination or on paper, a tangible work as a result of collaboration between artist and material."

You can e-mail us directly from here. Or you can follow the map and directions below and come see us in person. We would love to show you our gallery and our glass blowers.From our gallery we have a viewing window where you can watch the glassblowers at work in the studio below. If you would like to see art glass being made, it is a good idea to call aheadon the day you plan to visit since blowing hours and lunch breaks vary from day to day.

We're located just across the Mississippi River from New Orleans' famous French Quarter, in an historic neighborhood called Algiers Point.

Other Information
If you're visiting the area, take a break from Bourbon Street and come see us. The ferry is free for pedestrians ($1 on the way back for cars)
Hours :9:00am - 5:00pm, CST, Monday through Friday. (November and December, Saturdays 9:00am - 4:00pm.)

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