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Cornwall Bridge Pottery
Route 7, Cornwall Bridge, CT   06754
Map Location           Latitude: 41.82023   Longitude: -73.373765
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ing over the same sales, those people might not be prepared for it. We know what those conditions are like -- what that's all about -- so, we'd be in better position to weather the storm. I'd hate like heck to have to go through all that bad stuff again. But, right now, I'm glad we did. We're a better, more resilient company because of it."most every culture in the world have been an eclectic inspiration for the many shapes produced at the Cornwall Bridge Pottery.

In 1970, I served my apprenticeship with the world-renowned English potter Michael Cardew, who had revived the art of English slipware and who had worked extensively in West Africa, interpreting and refining the traditional earthenware techniques of the region. Cardew is best known today for his book Pioneer Pottery. Later I was introduced to the styles of T'ang dynasty Chinese porcelain, Korean kimchi jars, and French Provincial stoneware. All of these influences now combine in our durable, decorative and very useful wood-fired pottery.

Our facilities are without equal, even in today's widespread revival of pottery handcraft.Our wood-fired climbing kiln, 35 feet (11m) long and five feet (1.5m) in inside diameter, has a packing capacity of six hundred cubic feet (60m3). At present, we fire six times a year, each firing producing 6000 pounds (2700 kg) of ware. We mix our clay according to a carefully devised formula and fire with local slabwood. Several glazes are made from materials we find locally and process ourselves.We concentrate at every step on producing well-made, functional, beautiful pots that sell for a reasonable price.

Open year round on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 am until 5:00 pm. Also open some week days throughout the year. Call for exact days and times.

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