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52 Tours in Candy Manufacturers

Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory
Daytona Beach, FL

In 1925, two women, Riddell Angell and Cora Phelps, started the company that bears their names. They would spend the summers in the resort town of Mackinac Island, Michigan, where they also had a shop, and the winters here in Daytona Beach. At the start of WWII, they had to close the shop in Michigan.

While I have told this story thousands of times, I?m still amazed every time I think about it. First of all, I doubt that many women in the 20?s were able to start a business. On top of that, these gutsy ladies were making chocolates ...
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Anthony-Thomas Candy Company
Columbus, OH

Four generations of Zanetos candy makers have contributed to the company's success. Today, Anthony-Thomas makes millions of pounds of candy every year. Each piece is made fresh daily, always in the best of taste.

In about an hour, tour groups can experience candy making from start to finish in our 152,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art candy factory. Opened in May 1995, it is conveniently located off I-270 in west Columbus, Ohio.

Walk along our comfortable, glass-enclosed suspended "Cat-Walk" and observe eight lines producing 25,000 pounds of chocolates per shift. Our experienced tour guides explain each process step-by-step, from our kitchens to the ...
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Asher's Chocolates
Souderton, PA

Asher's Chocolates has been making fine chocolates and candy confections since 1892. This is the oldest family owned and operated candy manufacturer in the United States.

Come watch your favorite chocolate treats being made right before your eyes! Self-guided multimedia tours of our new state-of-the-art facility are open to the public and are fun for all ages. The tours are free and access is available for our physically challenged visitors. Groups of 10 or more, please phone (215) 721-3276 to arrange your visit.

After your tour, step back in time and stroll down the street in our old-fashioned ...
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Big Island Candies
Hilo, HI

Big Island Candies was established in 1977 with one sole purpose - to create the finest macadamia nut chocolates and cookies found anywhere in the world today. All of our chocolates and cookies are handmade starting with the finest ingredients, such as high-grade chocolate, island eggs, and premium 100% Hawaii-grown macadamia nuts. All the attention we give to each piece of our handmade chocolates and cookies is what makes Big Island Candies? A True Hawaiian Classic!
Big Island Candies is a special company. It is a company whose facilities, methods of operation, and employees define the meaning of the spirit ...
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Boehm's Chocolates
Issaquah, WA

Julius Boehm (1897-1981), the original founder of Boehm's Candy Kitchen in Issaquah, WA, was of Swiss-Austrian decent. After immigrating to the United States in 1940, he and partner George Tedlock opened the first Candy Kitchen in the Greenlake area of Seattle.

In 1956 the company moved to Issaquah where he built the Edelweiss Chalet and a beautiful Alpine Chapel in the shadow of the Issaquah Alps. To this day the Issaquah Boehm's Candies plant manufactures over 150 different confections.

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Boyer Candy
Altoona, PA

Boyer Candy was founded in 1936 by brothers Bill and Bob Boyer. In the late 1940's Boyer became famous for their Mallo Cups, a chocolate candy filled with whipped marshmallow crème. As the candy grew in popularity they introduced the "play money", which is still available today. Coins range between 5 cents and 50 cents and can be redeemed for prizes or money.
Other than the Mallo Cup, Boyer is famous for their Smoothies, Peanut Butter Cup, dark Chocolate Mallo Cup & Triple Twist Pretzels. We also have sugar free candy.
The outlet offers 30% - 70% discounts on items. ...
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Boyer Candy Company
Altoona, PA

Virtual Tours of all Chocolate lines .See the process from depositing to packaging.Outlet store with 50-70% off retail prices.imperfects -Gift Baskets for all occasions-logo merchandise

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Callie's Candy Kitchen and Pretzel Factory
Mountainhome, PA

Candy store and Pretzel Factory are two different locations. See Soft & Hard Pretzels and Gourmet Flavored Popcorn made.

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Cerreta Candy Company
Glendale, AZ

The Cerreta?s strive to create a fun, lively atmosphere where everyone can see candy magic being made. Take a special guided tour of our family owned hometown candy factory. We?ll show you how a sea of caramel becomes wrapped tempting taste treats. Learn how cream centers are enrobed in luscious chocolate.

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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company
Saint Louis, MO

Fulfill a childhood dream and visit the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company factory, candy kitchen and world headquarters! The Abel Family opened their new plant in 2012 and offers FREE factory tours 6-days-a-week! We will take you down onto the factory floor so you can see, hear, smell and taste chocolates right in front of your eyes! We will show you our candy kitchen and chocolate enrobers - so you can watch our candy makers hand make chocolates right in front of your eyes! Our Chocolate factory is becoming a popular St. Louis tourist destination, with over 50,000 visitors each year!

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DeBrand Fine Chocolates
Fort Wayne, IN

Coming to Fort Wayne? Visit our beautiful corporate headquarters to see our chocolatiers in action. You’ll enjoy a short video on the history of DeBrand and view our chocolate making kitchens where you’ll see the artisan process involved in making our coveted chocolates along with tasting several gourmet chocolate samples. DeBrand Tours are a great way for people of all ages to add a little fun and chocolate to their day!
Open Public Tours:
-Tuesdays at 10:00 AM, Thursdays at 1:00 PM, Saturdays at 10:30 AM
-Cost is $10 per person, with each person receiving a rebate of $10 ...
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Ethel M Chocolate Factory
Las Vegas, NV

Chocoholics from all over the world visit Ethel M's headquarters to see how these luscious treats are made. Tour the processing kitchen, walk through the enrobing and molding rooms, then, finally, indulge in a sample. Walk off the damage with a stroll through the company's cactus garden.

For your pleasure, admission is free and tours are self-guide.

Special guided tours may be arranged for parties of 10 or more by calling (702) 435-2641.

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Fascia's Chocolates
Waterbury, CT

Our Chocolate Experience & Tours take place in our Presentation Room where, through a multi-media and interactive session, you learn about the origins of chocolate and how it gets from Bean to Bar and then from Bar to Box. Tastings and demonstrations, including a behind-the-scenes look into the factory via remote controlled camera, complete the experience. Participants have the opportunity to make their own chocolate bar with toppings they choose.

Our Chocolate Bar Making includes the making of your own chocolate bar with toppings. Enjoy a brief history of Fascia's and learn about how chocolate is made.

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French Broad Chocolates
Asheville, NC

The tour lasts about an hour and you will get to see the entire process that goes into making their chocolates. Also you will get to taste some of their chocolates too, yum!

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Gardners Candies
Tyrone, PA

Gardners Candies was founded in 1897 by a sixteen-year-old boy named James "Pike" Gardner in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. The young entrepreneur operated out of a small store in downtown Tyrone. Pike later added a horse-drawn wagon so that he could transport and sell candy, popcorn and peanuts at local fairs and carnivals.

Gardners Candies grew over the years by expanding its product line to satisfy customer needs. Our stellar reputation is built upon quality products at affordable prices and a committment to customer satisfaction.

Today, Gardners Candies has 15 retail stores in Pennsylvania. Gardners Candies Stores are beautifully decorated with taste-tempting ...
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Gilbert Chocolates
Jackson, MI

Gilbert Chocolates was founded in 1900 and still manufactures their wonderful candies using the orginal recipes and equipement.

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Great American Popcorn Company
Galena, IL

It's just a small manufacturing operation but worth the stop to see and smell the chocolate, cheese and caramel-flavored popcorn in wooden barrels at the Great American Popcorn Company in Galena, Illinois. You'll get a short tour that includes information on the history of popcorn and what makes it pop, then you'll see how flavored popcorn is made from the cookers to the coaters.

Be sure to call ahead so the owner, Dave Lewis, can have a fresh batch of caramel corn ready to come out when you arrive. And, of course, you get to taste the treat while ...
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Hammond's Candies
Denver, CO

When you're suddenly overcome by a craving for sweets -- you know, that sudden unstoppable need for sugar -- Hammond's Candies satisfies. Before you sink your sweet tooth into a gooey strawberry caramel or break off a piece of the company's famous ribbon candy, though, you might want to take a free tour of the factory. After all, the buildup is half the fun. During the thirty-minute tour, you'll see how the edible ribbons are hand-pulled and crimped to produce the wavy candy for which Hammond's is so well known. You'll drool at the vat of butter into which nuts ...
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Hansel and Gretel Candy Kitchen
Helen, GA

Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen started in 1973 as a tiny shop in an alley in Helen, Georgia. The owners were a young couple, David and Janet Jones, who were full of enthusiasm, but had no idea how to make candy.

Slowly and steadily over the years, the couple and their ever-growing staff learned how to make different candies, and Hansel & Gretel now produces the widest assortment of candies of any Georgia retailer.

Whether you are looking for such Southern traditions as peanut brittle, divinity, fudge or pralines, there is simply no one who ...
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Harbor Sweets
Salem, MA

In 1973, Ben Strohecker challenged himself to create the "best piece of candy in the world", regardless of cost. The result from his kitchen was the Sweet Sloops®, a sailboat shaped piece of almond butter crunch, covered in white chocolate dipped in dark chocolate and crushed pecans.

Twenty-five years ago a partnership started to emerge when a Salem State College sophomore applied for a job as a part-time chocolate dipper at a tiny new candy factory on the Salem, Massachusetts waterfront...a candy factory which had just expanded from the candy maker?s kitchen.

Since that time the college sophomore took on ...
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Harry London Chocolates
North Canton, OH

At the turn of the century, fine confections were associated with the delicate hand-craftsmanship of the Swiss, or the rich, smooth cream and butter used by the Belgians. In Canton, Ohio, unknown to the existing masters of chocolate, Gilbert London was teaching his son Harry the fine art of confections by using recipes and techniques from the family?s strong European traditions.

Harry London learned over time and through the eloquent teachings of his father the true art of making fine confections. He found that in a world where more always seemed to be the norm in creating anything of ...
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Haven's Candies
Westbrook, ME

Herbert Haven founded Haven's Candies in 1915, after following his sweetheart from Boston to Portland. They courted and married, and soon Herbert and his new wife were handcrafting candies in their kitchen and selling them from the front parlor of their house on Forest Avenue.

As the son of skilled candy makers, Herbert brought both premium quality and creative originality to his products. Over the years many confectioners have come and gone in Maine, but few have stood the test of time like Haven's.

Today, Haven's continues to thrive by sticking to its roots. We still handcraft our candies ...
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Hershey's Chocolate World
Hershey, PA

Experience the free chocolate-making tour that includes a free sample. Visit the gift shops, food court and full-service restaurant.

Visitors can learn the fascinating process of chocolate-making on CHOCOLATE WORLD®'s simulated factory tour ride. First, guests walk through a tropical jungle where cocoa beans are harvested, then they follow the cocoa bean's journey to a boat dock where beans are loaded onto ships headed for America. From there, visitors climb aboard the tour ride and enter the simulated factory tour. Tours are available continuously throughout the day. Guests receive a free sample of a HERSHEY®'S product at the end of ...
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Hoffman's Chocolates
Greenacres, FL

Hoffman's history began more than 30 years ago in a small chocolate shop in Lake Worth, FL. Paul Hoffman Sr., the founder of Hoffman's, purchased a small candy shop so that he and his family could work in this business together. Paul combined his love of creating new products with his extensive cooking experience to begin his illustrious career making award winning confections. Word of his confectionary masterpieces spread, and soon Hoffman's built a devoted following.

The Hoffman family made a commitment to use only the finest and freshest ingredients from around the world, and these standards have never ...
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Jelly Belly Candy Factory (CA)
Fairfield, CA

Step into our factory and smell the aroma of chocolate, apricot, cinnamon or pineapple, whatever is being cooked up that day. A visit to our candy making factory in Fairfield, Calif., located about an hour's drive north of San Francisco, is a sugary delight.

During the 40-minute walking tour, Jelly Belly Guides will show you a real working factory where we cook up over 150 different sweet treats. Learn the secrets to how they create the legendary Jelly Belly bean, and discover why it takes more than a week to make a single bean. See taffy, chocolates, and wild gummi ...
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Lake Champlain Chocolates
Burlington, VT

Lake Champlain Chocolates started on a dare.
In 1983, Jim Lampman, owner of Burlington, Vermont's acclaimed Ice House Restaurant on the Lake Champlain waterfront, was buying expensive boxes of chocolates as gifts for his staff. One day, his pastry chef, a man of high epicurean standards, took Jim aside after receiving one too many boxes. "These chocolates are terrible," he confessed. "All right then, you do better!" Jim challenged him.

Shortly thereafter, Jim was presented with hand rolled, distinctively flavored truffles - the finest chocolates Jim had ever tasted. Jim began serving them Sundays to select restaurant patrons. The ...
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Liberty Orchards
Cashmere, WA

Don't miss the sweetest tour on the Cascade Loop. Take a refreshing break and visit the candy kitchens of Liberty Orhards. Located just one minute off Highway 2 in Cashmere, Washington, we offer continous tours... every 20 minutes, and lots of free samples for everyone!

Aplets & Cotlets ... a unique Washington tradition. Handmade from a secret family recipe, Aplets & Cotlets and Fruit Festives get their smooth, natural flavor from wholesome ingredients... pure fruit juices and premium nutmeats. And, of course, no preservatives!

You'll find goodies galore in our little Country Store. Oure shelves are filled with scrumptious Pacific ...
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Long Grove Confectionery Co.
Buffalo Grove, IL

Locally owned and operated in the USA. Gourmet Chocolates Wholesale. We offer factory tours to the public via appointment for groups of 10 or more or you can possibly join a pre existing group. Tour is at our production factilty.

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Morley Candy Makers and Sanders Candy Factory
Clinton Township, MI

Morley Candy Makers is the largest producer of chocolates and confections in Michigan and is among the largest in the United States as well. Each year Morley Candy Makers use over 1,000,000 pounds of their own blend of milk and dark chocolate, as well as eleven other blends, such as sugar-free and ivory chocolate.

The candymaking starts by melting blocks of our own smooth, creamy chocolate down in huge melters, so it can be poured over one of our many tasty centers.

Much of that chocolate gets poured over our famous "copper kettle" recipe caramel used to make ...
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Mrs. Cavanaughs Candies
North Salt Lake, UT

Time was when Marie Cavanaugh spent hours in her South Dakota farmhouse each Christmas season making pecan rolls and homemade chocolates for holiday gifting.

?It started when my aunt sent her pecan-rolls recipe,? Mrs. Cavanaugh recalled. ?I gave the recipe my own touch and started making the yummy specialties. Then I began dipping chocolates. Our friends and neighbors loved these treats, encouraging me to start a candy business. Finally, I decided it might be a good idea.'?

Her husband George and children Carla, Lorraine, Calvin, Colene and Genise rallied, helping Mrs. Cavanaugh fill demands for her homemade sweets.

...In 1972, ...
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Old Kentucky Candies' Inc.
Lexington, KY

Watch the manufacture of Old Kentucky Bourbon Cherries aged in 100 proof Jim Beam Bourbon until they are ready to be dipped in semi-sweet dark chocolate. Or watch Old Kentucky Bourbon Chocolates with 100 proof Jim Beam Bourbon blended in a fondant center being made.

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Olive & Sinclair
Nashville, TN

The Saturday tours will give guests the opportunity to see the O&S team at work operating antique melangers (Spanish stone mills from the early 1900’s), roasters and more, enjoying O&S samples along the way. It’s not uncommon the O&S crew to provide samples of new products that have not yet reached the market.

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Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory
Kailua-Kona, HI

Welcome to Kona, and the most exotic chocolate on earth ~ exclusively from Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory.

When we moved to our 6-acre orchards and home overlooking the Kona coastline in 1997 from North Carolina, fulfilling our dream to live where the mountains meet the sea, we dedicated ourselves to creating the finest products ~ Kona Coffee, and now 100% Hawaiian Chocolate. There is something about our volcanic soil, Island showers and tropical Hawaiian sun that blesses our crops with unique flavor that is world renowned.
This is especially true with our totally unique chocolate. We are ...
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Pacific Hazelnut Candy Factory
Aurora, OR

The first hazelnut (filbert) tree was planted in Scottsburg, Oregon around 1857. In 1876 a Frenchman, David Genot, had hazelnut seeds sent from France. He raised these first 50 plants in a hedgerow in the old country tradition.

The size and quality of the original nut has been developed through the years with the Pacific Northwest climate and cultivation. Now 98% of all hazel nuts grown in the United States are from our lush Willamette Valley in Western Oregon.

Pacific Hazelnut Candy Factory has developed a tradition of quality and service. Care is given from grading nuts through product development ...
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Pendleton Popcorn Factory
Pendleton, OR

The Pendleton Popcorn Factory is located in a small building in Pendleton's historic downtown area. They are included in both the walking tour and the famous Pendleton Underground Tour. They produce over 60 flavors of gourmet popcorn and have a retail section. It is a pleasure to watch the popcorn being made and the smells are out of this world. They don't make the gourmet popcorn everyday. so you must call ahead. A quaint and wonderful little factory and shop.

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Peterbrooke Chocolatier
Jacksonville, FL

Peterbrooke Chocolatier, Inc. was founded in 1983 in a quaint historical neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida, known as San Marco. Its visionary, Phyllis Geiger, named her business after her children Peter and Brooke. Today, seven retail locations serve North Florida. And the company is flourishing -- with additional stores and products on the drawing board.

Phyllis has translated her European training of making fine chocolates into a truly American experience. All nine shops are located in established neighborhoods where people live and know each other?s names. Customers of all ages and backgrounds, drop in regularly to meet friends, sample and ...
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PEZ Visitor Center
Orange, CT

PEZ was first marketed as a compressed peppermint candy over 83 years ago in Vienna, Austria. The name PEZ was derived from the German word for peppermint... PfeffErminZ. Today, over 3 billion PEZ Candies are consumed annually in the U.S.A. alone.

With great tasting flavors and collectible dispensers, PEZ is more than just a candy... it's the pioneer of "interactive candy" that is both enjoyable to eat and fun to play with. PEZ Dispensers are a hot collectible for adults and children alike as well as being a staple and part of American pop culture. New character dispensers are introduced ...
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Philadelphia Candies, Inc.
Hermitage, PA

A Family History.

In 1919, in Western Pennsylvania's Shenango Valley, four Macris brothers, Steve, John, Jim and Louis, immigrated from Greece and started a small chocolate company. They named their new business Philadelphia Candies because it means "Candies made with brotherly love" in their native Greek language. Today, Philadelphia Candies is still operated by the Macris family with the same commitment to excellence as our founders. Taste our fine products and you will enjoy the quality and manufacturing expertise we put into every bite. The finest ingredients from around the world combined with our rich chocolate create an outstanding delicacy.

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Rebecca-Ruth®, Candy Factory
Frankfort, KY

"History Never Tasted So Alive"! Come see the world famous Bourbon
Chocolates being born. This unique confectionery operation is known
worldwide as "The Invenotrs of Bourbon Candy!," and is located in
historic downtown Frankfort, KY - just a stone's throw from the
Kentucky state capitol building. Operating since 1919, Rebecca Ruth
Candy Inc. has been recommended by Food TV and The Food Net Work and
in the pages of Southern Living, Town & Country, KY AAA Tour Guide,
New York Times, and Chicago Tribune, and has been sold on QVC Home
Shopping ...
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Reily's Candy
Medford, NJ

Reily's Candy
719 Stokes Rd.
Medford, NJ 08055

609.953.0040 (p)
609.953.5478 (f)

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South Bend Chocolate Company
South Bend, IN

Our tours will introduce you to the world of chocolate. We can accommodate any time frame. Choose either the Basic Factory Tour or the Inside Scoop Tour. And while you're here, be sure to visit the retail store and café - attached to the factory for your shopping convenience.

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SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier
Gaithersburg, MD

SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier is a premium chocolate manufacturer in Gaithersburg, Maryland. We manufacture single-estate premium chocolates from our own cacao beans grown on our farms in the Dominican Republic. We import our cacao beans and roast, winnow and grind our chocolates and then turn them into decadent pieces of exquisite truffles, bonbons and bars.

Come visit The Truffle Factory and take a FREE factory tour and learn about the origin of cacao trees, how they are harvested, fermented, dried and then subsequently turned into premium single-estate chocolate. From
soil to chocolate, SPAGnVOLA is the ONLY premium chocolate manufacturer in Maryland, ...
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Spangler Candy Company
Bryan, OH

Spangler Candy History:

1906 Spangler Candy Company begins on August 20, 1906, when Arthur G. Spangler purchases the Gold Leaf Baking Company of Defiance, Ohio for $450 and moves it to 204 W. High Street in Bryan, Ohio. The new company is named Spangler Manufacturing Company, and produces baking soda, baking powder, corn starch, laundry starch, spices, and flavorings.

1908 Arthur's brother Ernest Spangler joins the company and suggests adding candy to the line. Candy would sell quickly.

1910 By 1910, the business outgrows its first location. Larger quarters are found at 205 S. Main Street in Bryan, ...
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Sweet Shop USA
Mount Pleasant, TX

Sweet Shop USA was established in 1972, in Fort Worth, Texas. Today, the company is located in Mount Pleasant, Texas. We are a family owned producer of hand-made chocolates. From our inception, our company has sought and continually trained individuals with experience in the art of hand crafting chocolates. We are dedicated in preserving the time consuming craft created locally by Martha Washington Chocolates some 75 years ago.

Sweet Shop USA has received national recognition for creating over 100 varieties of handmade pieces including various Truffles, Famous Brags®, Nuts and Chewies, and our signature Fudge Love®. Our success is ...
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Taffy Town
West Jordan, UT

For over 79 years we were known as Glade Candy Company offering individuals the finest in Gourmet Taffy. Our whipped nougat process produced a soft texture taffy that simply melted in your mouth. Add to that the finest in domestic and imported flavors and you had obtained perfection in confection. In 1995, our name was changed to "Taffy Town" to reflect our total dedication to taffy excellence, and we expanded to serve a World Wide market. Try some today!

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Taza Chocolate
Somerville, MA

Taza Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory located near Union Square in Somerville, MA. We are excited to announce that the Taza Chocolate Factory Tours are here! During your tour you will be able to sample chocolate, learn about cocoa beans and see the amazing machinery used to make traditional stone ground chocolate in this artisan bean-to-bar chocolate factory. All tours start at the Taza Factory Store and reservations are required. Tours are approximately 45 minutes with a limit of 18 people per tour.

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TCHO - New American Chocolate
San Francisco, CA

TCHO is New American Chocolate.

What does it take to make New American Chocolate? Obsession. Obsession with flavor. Obsession with innovation. Obsession over fusing the two to craft the very best chocolate, from bean to bar.

The obsession begins at origin. We don't just buy good beans, we help make the best beans. TCHOSource is our unique sourcing program, designed to obtain the best beans in the world while enabling the producers of those beans to earn a better living.

We go beyond fair trade (which we also support) to partner directly with growers. We help them improve the genetics ...
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The Chocolate Gallery of B/CS
Bryan, TX

The Chocolate Gallery in Downtown Bryan is a popular destination for tours and school field trips. The Chocolate Gallery offers tours for elementary (ages 5+), middle school, high school and special needs students. The cost is $6.00 per student (no charge for teachers and teacher’s aides) Parent chaperons will be charged $6.00 each.

We also offer tours for adults for $11 per person (Seniors $9).

Our tours and field trips consist of an in-depth tour of The Chocolate Gallery facility and operations, then on to a video in our classroom that covers the production of cacao into chocolate and ...
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The Taffy Shop
Estes Park, CO

This store was opened in 1935, and has produced Salt Water Taffy in the store ever since. It looks like the freeze ray hit in the 50's as everything is original, and all of the equipment is in excellent operating condition. Walk in during candy making and see the taffy puller stretching taffy, watch the Model K Kiss wrapper cut, shape and wrap the taffy in shiny cellophane just 12" behind the glass wall, almost close enough to touch! The actual cooking operation is a guarded secret, so the public is not allowed into the cooking kitchen, but special tours ...
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Theo Chocolate
Seattle, WA

Theo produces premium, organic, fair trade and specialty chocolate. Our founder, Joseph Whinney, pioneered the manufacture and supply of organic chocolate products as the first importer of organic cocoa beans into North America in 1994.

Over a decade later, Theo is proud to be the only roaster of organic cocoa beans and the first roaster of Fair Trade certified cocoa beans in the United States. All of our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure they meet our standards for social and environmental responsibility.

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Whetstone Chocolate Factory
St. Augustine, FL

We recently relocated our factory to a downtown location. We plan to
restart the factory tours this summer. Please check our website for
updates, www.whetstonechocolates.com. We will be adding a Factory Tour page announcing the details and start date.

Chocoholics Welcome.... Visiting Florida?
The Whetstone Family invites you to a little whimsy ... a free tour of Florida's only real chocolate factory. What's it like going to a chocolate factory? Visions of rich, creamy chocolates and the smell of fresh roasting nuts... it's enough to make your mouth water just thinking about it! But you don't have to just ...
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Wilbur Chocolate
Lititz, PA

Milton Hershey wasn?t the only entrepreneur to make it rich selling chocolates in Lancaster County, PA. Wilbur Chocolates have been in Lititz, PA since 1913.

Founded in Philadelphia in 1865, Wilbur produced mostly molasses candies & hard candies at the time, eventually venturing into chocolate. The company did well and by 1913, Wilbur officials decided to locate additional production facilities in Lititz.

Today, Cargill, one of the largest private companies in the United States, owns Wilbur Chocolate Co. The aroma of freshly made chocolates wafts through Lititz providing an olfactory treat to the already picturesque town. Wilbur Chocolate ...
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