American Printing House for the Blind

Louisville, KY

38.256221, -85.714498

Founded in 1858, the American Printing House for the Blind offers guided tours of its facility. Visitors will see the production of braille publications, the recording of talking books, and a demonstration of special educational aids for visually impaired students. Tour also includes the Callahan Museum which shows the history of education of people who are visually impaired and where visitors may write their names in braille.

Tour length is approximately one hour. Please make advance reservations for groups of ten or more.

Company is the world's largest producer of educational and daily living products for people who are blind and visually impaired.

Bowling Green Corvette Plant

Bowling Green, KY

37.0088788, -86.3737523

Watch the fascinating assembly process of America's favorite sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette, in a one mile walking tour. Observe as robots weld the steel structure and our dedicated workforce adds parts in Trim and Chassis. See an engineering marvel as the chassis and body come together in "marriage." Witness the birth of new Corvettes at First Start and the thrilling drive off the end of the line. We are a handicapped accessible facility.

Buffalo Trace Distillery

Franklin County, KY

38.212669, -84.868363

Buffalo Trace Distillery is located in Franklin County, Kentucky, at an ancient buffalo crossing that became a pathway for westward moving explorers, pioneers and settlers. The bold spirit of Kentucky's ancestors lives on at Buffalo Trace Distillery, which stands as one of America's oldest distilling sites. The site's rugged flavor has been preserved for the benefit of Kentuckians, guests and visitors. The Buffalo Trace Distillery invites you to come and experience Buffalo Trace and feel the soul of adventure that is it legacy.

In 1775 the Leestown settlement was established when brothers Hancock and
Courtesy Buffalo Trace Distillery Willis Lee established their camp with a small company of men. They struggled to survive in the unforgiving conditions of a fierce wilderness and by 1789 the area held a thriving population. The abundant limestone spring water and fertile bottom loam-found to be perfect for growing exceptional grain, gave way to distillation and the distinguished bourbon heritage took root. There has been a working distillery on the grounds since 1787. The first modern distillery was built on the site in 1857, the first U.S. distillery to incorporate the use of steam power. E. H. Taylor, Jr., one of Kentucky's original bourbon aristocrats, purchased the site. By 1886, the distillery had introduced the nation's first climate-controlled warehousing for aging whiskey and earned a world-wide reputation for producing America's finest bourbon. Albert Blanton took over the operation and in 1984 the distillery became the first to commercially market a single-barrel bourbon.

The distillery has a history of finely crafted, award-winning bourbons. In the last 10 years alone, Buffalo Trace bourbons have earned more than 40 top distinctions in national and international competitions, and is world renowned. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the distillery's namesake spirit. Made in celebration of the area's rich ancestral heritage, the bourbon embodies the bold and rugged soul of early America.

The Elmer T. Lee Clubhouse was constructed some 60 years ago, with 200-year-old logs from authentic Kentucky log cabins. The two-story building can accommodate groups from 30 to 250, a private bar area is available year round and the facility is equipped with a full kitchen. The rustic veranda and balcony overlook a tree-shaded courtyard and floral gardens. The grounds are complete with an ornamental stream and a quaint wooden bridge. The perfect setting for private parties, receptions, business meetings and conferences. Tours of the distillery include: a visit to the distillery museum, the viewing of a historic film, a walk through the century-old warehouse, touring the bottling facilities and a stop at the gift shop.

Corsair Artisan Distillery

Bowling Green, KY

36.9938709, -86.4415547

A small craft spirits company, Corsair Artisan makes very small batches of spirits - just a few cases at a time - in their pot stills. Everything is done by hand, from production to bottling. Currently they produce a Gin-Head Style Gin, Vanilla Bean Vodka, Red Absinthe and Spiced Rum. In the works are spirits including Wry Moon Unaged Rye Whiskey, Kentucky Bourbon, Four Grain Whiskey and Aged Rye Whiskey. The micro-distillery uses pot stills which require more labor, but allow the craft distiller fine control over flavors and give broad room for experimentation. They use local ingredients and unusual techniques to make small volume batches of high-quality spirits.

The micro-distillery is located just off beautiful Fountain Square in historic downtown Bowling Green. The entrance is located on College Street.


Louisville, KY

38.256123, -85.763719

The objective of the Glassworks Tour is to assist
our visitors in recognizing the mystery and
beauty of glass, to understand its origins and its
development, as well as to appreciate the artistry
and craftsmanship that goes into each creation.

We hope to accomplish this through inspiration,
sharing of knowledge and demonstration.

Heaven Hill Distilleries Bourbon Heritage Center

Bardstown, KY

37.793603, -85.463911

Shortly after Prohibition ended in the United States, Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., was founded in Bardstown, Kentucky by the Shapira family to produce and market Bourbon and premium American whiskeys. At the time, it was as speculative a new business venture as the dot com start-ups of the 1990's -- a company founded with no brands, no available stocks of whiskey, and at the height of the Great Depression. Today, the company has overcome these initial challenges and grown to become the largest independent, family-owned producer and marketer of distilled spirits in the country. According to industry analysts, Heaven Hill is now the seventh largest spirits supplier in the United States and is the second largest holder of aging Bourbon whiskey in the world with an inventory in excess of 675,000 barrels.
Over the last two decades Heaven Hill has moved beyond its traditional focus on American whiskeys to become a broadly diversified spirits supplier. Heaven Hill's portfolio includes both domestically produced products, such as Evan Williams Bourbon and Christian Brothers Brandy, as well as a growing line of selected imported brands from around the world, such as Hpnotiq Liqueur and Isle of Jura Single Malt Scotch. Brands are identified and developed to take advantage of the many varied consumer tastes that exist in the vast U.S. distilled spirits market. These brands are then sold on a national basis through an innovative and aggressive marketing and sales organization under a concept that is unique to the industry.
With an already robust business in the United States, Heaven Hill has now mounted an aggressive international expansion plan, forming partnerships with like-minded companies throughout the world. Heaven Hill has established its brands in over 40 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim, Central and South America.
The company's success is based on the fact that it is large enough to market brands aggressively in the United States and throughout the world, yet small enough to care about every brand and be responsive to the needs of every customer. Heaven Hill's formula for growth begins with the commitment to support its current portfolio of brands, while continuing to diversify by adding new products through internal development, agency relationships and acquisitions. Throughout its product line, Heaven Hill offers a competitive advantage by emphasizing unique characteristics like extra aging, superior quality, innovative packaging and uncompromised craftsmanship. Whether it is a Bourbon from Kentucky's First Distiller, such as Evan Williams, or a Gin first produced by the Lord Mayor of London, such as Burnett's, Heaven Hill products enjoy heritage, history and an unexcelled reputation.
In stark contrast to the unpredictable and ever-consolidating spirits industry, Heaven Hill remains fiercely independent, guided by the steady hands of the Shapira family. The company is dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with their customers in order to build strong brands and implement consistent, effective programming. Heritage, stability and dedication define Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., a company committed to producing and marketing the highest quality spirits products worldwide.
Company Timeline

1783 -- William Heavenhill is born "during an Indian raid which was being waged, under the cliffs near Rowan Creek" at the site of present day Heaven Hill Distilleries.

1783 -- Evan Williams sets up his distillery on the banks of the Ohio in Louisville at what is now 4th Street, thereby becoming Kentucky's First Distiller.

1789 -- Rev. Elijah Craig, a Baptist minister and farmer who had immigrated to Kentucky from Virginia, experiences a fire in his barn where he stores whiskey barrels. Putting his new whiskey in the burnt barrels anyway, Craig soon discovered that the whiskey would age better in the charred barrels, picking up color and flavor, and earning Craig the title of the "Father of Bourbon."

1837 -- Henry McKenna arrives in Kentucky from his native County Derry, Ireland. He sets up his distillery in Fairfield in 1855 where he begins producing his eponymous Bourbon, known as "Kentucky's Finest Table Whiskey."

1870 -- John E. Fitzgerald introduces his "private label" Bourbon, Old Fitzgerald, available only on rail and steamship lines and private clubs.

1934 -- Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., originally known as "Old Heavenhill Springs" distillery, is founded by a group of Bardstown-area investors and the five Shapira brothers, David, Ed, Gary, George and Mose. The company has 12 employees at the time of its founding.

1935 -- Barrel #1 is filled on December 13. Bourbon Falls is the company's first label.

1942 -- Harry Homel sells his interest in the Jim Beam Company and forms an association with the Shapira family. Heaven Hill, and many other distilled spirits production plants, are shut down during World War II and work with the government to produce alcohol for the war effort.

1946 -- Earl Beam leaves the Beam Company to succeed his cousin, Harry Beam, as Heaven Hill's Master Distiller.

1955 -- Barrel #500,000 is filled on September 30.

1957 -- Evan Williams Bourbon is introduced and becomes one of the nation's leading Bourbons and Heaven Hill's flagship brand.

1960 -- Earl Beam's son and current Heaven Hill Master Distiller Parker Beam joins the family business.

1961 -- Barrel #1,000,000 is filled on July 21.

1967 -- A new bottling facility is built with a capacity of 2.5 million cases per year.

1968 -- Barrel #1,500,000 is filled on December 5.

1971 -- Current Heaven Hill president Max L. Shapira joins the family business.

1973 -- Current Heaven Hill executive vice president Harry J. Shapira joins the family business.

1975 -- Parker Beam is named Heaven Hill Master Distiller, succeeding his father Earl.

1976 -- Barrel #2,000,000 is filled on March 24.

1982 -- Parker Beam's son and current Heaven Hill Master Distiller Craig Beam joins the family business.

1982 -- Barrel #2,500,000 is filled on June 18.

1986 -- Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Bourbon is introduced, thus becoming the first "Small Batch" Bourbon available.

1988 -- Heaven Hill becomes the licensed importing agent for Invergordon Distillers, plc. (now Whyte and Mackay, Ltd.)and begins importing Cluny Scotch Whisky.

1988 -- Barrel #3,000,000 is filled on February 18.

1989 -- Heaven Hill acquires Burnett's Gin, Henry McKenna Bourbon and Harwood Canadian Whisky.

1991 -- Heaven Hill launches a companion to Burnett's Gin: Burnett's Vodka.

1993 -- Heaven Hill acquires Copa De Oro Coffee Liqueur, Dubonnet Aperitif, Coronet VSQ Brandy, DuBouchett Cordials and Liqueurs, Philadelphia Blended Whiskey, Cabin Still Bourbon and J. W. Dant Bourbon, among others.

1993 -- Barrel #3,500,000 is filled on September 7.

1994 -- Heaven Hill becomes the licensed importing agent for Cooley Distillery, plc.of Dundalk, Ireland, and begins importing Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey and Tyrconnell Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

1995 -- Heaven Hill introduces Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon, Elijah Craig 18 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon, and Henry McKenna Bottled In Bond Single Barrel Bourbon. Heaven Hill acquires Two Fingers Tequila, and in conjunction with First Ireland Spirits, Ltd., of Abbyleix, Ireland introduces O'Mara's Irish Country Cream.

1996 -- George Shapira, last surviving member of the five founding brothers, passes away.

1998 -- Barrel #4,000,000 is filled on January 13.

1999 -- Heaven Hill acquires the historic Bernheim Distillery, The Christian Brothers Brandies, and the Old Fitzgerald Bourbon brand.

2000 -- Heaven Hill acquires the full line of Whaler's Flavored Rums.

2001 -- Current Heaven Hill Director of Marketing Strategy Kate Shapira Latts and her husband, Director of Corporate Planning Allan Latts, join the family business.

2002 -- Barrel #4,500,000 is filled on December 4.

2003 -- Heaven Hill acquires HPNOTIQ Liqueur

2003 -- Heaven Hill breaks ground for the Heaven Hill Distilleries Bourbon Heritage Center - set to open in Fall 2004

2004 -- Heaven Hill dedicates the new Heaven Hill Trolley to
aid tourism in Bardstown and Nelson County

2004 -- Heaven Hill recieves its first prestigious Impact "Hot
Brand" award from M. Shanken Publishing for HPNOTIQ

2004 -- Heaven Hill dedicates the Heaven Hill Distilleries Bourbon Heritage Center

2004 -- Wine Enthusiast names Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Wine Star "Distiller of the Year"

2005 -- Heaven Hill introduces Bernheim Wheat Whiskey

2005 -- Heaven Hill introduces PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur

Louisville Slugger

Louisville, KY

38.257218, -85.763346

The Louisville Slugger Museum gives the phrase "Play Ball!" a new meaning with a 21-ton, stone sculpture of a glove standing in one hall of the museum. This factory tour (conducted on Main Street) comes close to epitomizing the American dream, as Louisville creates bats not only for the little leaguers itching to take the tour but for the pros as well. The tour shows the process in which bats are made (95% by a machine that takes all of 40 seconds!). It's also a museum filled with baseball memorabilia, including the Sluggers of baseball greats like Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth. All visitors leave with a mini-version of the original Slugger bat made on location.

Louisville Stoneware

Louisville, KY

38.242961, -85.73445

Welcome to Louisville Stoneware one of our country's oldest and most revered stoneware manufacturing firms, known previously as Louisville Pottery...Experience with each of our beautiful and unique products our country's finest American handmade and handpainted stoneware, collectables, dinnerware and bakeware. Our historic company in Louisville, Kentucky connects its roots to the early 1800s.

The pattern variations and differences in shading found on our pieces are to be celebrated by discerning collectors such as you for they testify to the distinct quality of each piece of our functional art.

The high firing in our kilns makes our durable stoneware pieces ovenproof, microwave and dishwasher safe. The natural properties of Louisville Stoneware enable it to retain heat so as to keep food hot for serving while experiencing the creative talents of each of our artist through the use of each of your treasured Louisville Stoneware pieces.

Louisville Water Company

Louisville, KY

38.250982, -85.755865

Louisville Water Company (LWC) has provided a safe supply of drinking water to its customers since 1860. Our mission is to be a water industry leader in quality, customer satisfaction, and value.

Louisville Water Company (LWC) provides water to almost 800,000 people in Louisville Metro and parts of Bullitt, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby and Spencer counties. We deliver on average 124 million gallons of water per day.

The Ohio River provides an abundant source for drinking water. LWC draws water from the river at two points: the raw water pump station at Zorn and River Road, and the B.E. Payne Pump Station northeast of Harrods Creek. LWC also draws water from a riverbank filtration system at the Payne Plant. The water is treated at two locations: The Crescent Hill Treatment Plant and the B.E. Payne Treatment Plant.

Maker's Mark Bourbon

Loretto, KY

37.635749, -85.402703

Enjoy an opportunity to visit a very historic, picturesque, and immaculately maintained smaller bourbon distillery where things are still done the old-fashioned way including the signature red wax dipping done by hand on the bottling line. See all steps of production of one of the finest bourbons available. Visitors can hand dip their own bottle in a special vat located in the gift shop.

Old Kentucky Candies' Inc.

Lexington, KY

38.019459, -84.527977

Watch the manufacture of Old Kentucky Bourbon Cherries aged in 100 proof Jim Beam Bourbon until they are ready to be dipped in semi-sweet dark chocolate. Or watch Old Kentucky Bourbon Chocolates with 100 proof Jim Beam Bourbon blended in a fondant center being made.

Portal No. 31 Mine

Lynch, KY

36.9662044, -82.9223839

The Underground Mine Tour is complete. This first-ever underground mine tour in Kentucky will take visitors to the underworld world that miners saw everyday. The mine rehabilitation is engineered by Mining Consulting Services, Inc.

The mine tour can be combined with entry to the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum, about 2 miles north of the mine.

Rebecca-Ruth®, Candy Factory

Frankfort, KY

38.194865, -84.874002

"History Never Tasted So Alive"! Come see the world famous Bourbon
Chocolates being born. This unique confectionery operation is known
worldwide as "The Invenotrs of Bourbon Candy!," and is located in
historic downtown Frankfort, KY - just a stone's throw from the
Kentucky state capitol building. Operating since 1919, Rebecca Ruth
Candy Inc. has been recommended by Food TV and The Food Net Work and
in the pages of Southern Living, Town & Country, KY AAA Tour Guide,
New York Times, and Chicago Tribune, and has been sold on QVC Home
Shopping Network. Tour highlights include "Edna's Table," a 12-foot
curved marble table, and an antique candy furnace with hand-stirred
copper kettles that are still used to this day. Tours also include an educational video and view of the candy production line. The Rebecca Ruth Candy utilizes an eclectic mix of antique & modern equipment to produce the most delightful offering of over 120 confections.

"We sampled everything the folks at Rebecca Ruth would let us sample
and we decided we'd have to take a bunch back to the studio for
additional research."

The Woodford Reserve

Versailles, KY

38.13554, -84.821779

The historic Woodford Reserve Distillery is unlike any other in America. Nestled amid the picturesque horse farms of Central Kentucky, The Woodford Reserve Distillery is the only distillery that crafts its bourbon in copper pot stills and ages it in unique limestone warehouses. Whiskey was first produced on this site in 1812. And it was here that some of America's earliest distilling pioneers perfected their craft.

Welcome to the home of Woodford Reserve, a super-premium small batch bourbon with roots at The Woodford Reserve Distillery* (circa 1812), a National Historic Landmark in the bluegrass region of central Kentucky.

Carefully hand-crafted, Woodford Reserve is painstakingly selected by our Master Distiller from only the finest maturing whiskey. Long years of slumber in the oldest surviving aging house in the Commonwealth have produced a bourbon of exceptional depth and character, with a complex, full-bodied taste and uniquely smooth finish.

Since its inception, Woodford Reserve has developed an international following, culminating in its coveted Gold Medal award at the 2001 International Wine & Spirits Competition in London. And it is already the best selling super-premium bourbon in Kentucky, the homeland of bourbon. Although we're proud of these accomplishments we want you to know that our passion is, and will always be, on crafting the very best bourbon we can.

Thank you for taking time to visit our site and please consider this an invitation to visit our Bourbon Homeplace in person. We would love to show you how we put over 200 years of bourbon knowledge into making our award winning bourbon, Woodford Reserve.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc

Georgetown, KY

38.2099, -84.559344

From 1990 through 2002, over 300,000 people have toured the facilities at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. Visitors have come from as far away as Australia, and from all over the United States, but most of the visitors are Kentuckians. To enhance the existing tour program, TMMK opened an 11,500-square-foot Visitor Center in June 1994.

Take a look around our Visitor Center! Place your mouse over the image and click to explore.

The state-of-the-art Visitor Center offers both visual and hands-on experiences to inform visitors about TMMK. Interactive computer activities, exhibits, TMMK model displays, and production and teamwork videos are designed to showcase the Toyota Production System, Toyota Quality, and the Toyota team concept.

Wild Turkey (Bourbon)

Lawrenceburg, KY

38.037188, -84.849508

Making bourbon whiskey is a combination of art and science. Essentially a handmade product, Wild Turkey Bourbon?s formulation is highly dependent on the selection of the highest quality ingredients and a commitment to an all-natural process, proper facilities and plenty of time. At Wild Turkey, we make only one brand - the same way, day in and day out, year after year, bottle after bottle.