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American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum

Fort Worth,

32.832552, -97.062257

The American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum is much more than a museum. It's a sight-and-sound, hands-on, window-seat look at the world of flight. It's an adventure offering you a chance to hear, see, touch and be a part of the exciting aviation industry. Best of all, it's a great place for the entire family - or any group - to enjoy, time and time again.

The C.R. Smith Museum is one of the few museums in the world dedicated solely to commercial aviation. The museum opened in July 1993 and is dedicated to past and present American Airlines employees and C.R. Smith, longtime American Airlines president and aviation pioneer.

American Airlines Center


32.788963, -96.810862

Tour the home of the Dallas Maevericks and Dallas Stars, American Airlines Center. The best way to see the beauty and magic of American Airlines Center is with a public tour.

Union Pacific Railroad?s Bailey Yard

North Platte,

41.1173406, -100.8297073

The new Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center will allow you to see the massive Union Pacific Railroad?s Bailey Yard which is the largest railroad classification yard in the world! This massive space covers 2,850 acres, reaching a total length of eight miles.

Just imagine how you would handle 10,000 railroad cars every 24 hours. That is the job that is done by the Bailey Yard. 3,000 of these cars are sorted daily in the yard?s eastward and westwards yards, nicknamed "hump" yards. How do they possibly do that?? Well, using a mound cresting 35 feet for eastbound trains and 20/1 feet for those heading west, these two hump yards allow four cars a minute to roll gently into any of the 114 "bowl" tracks where they become part of trains headed to all the destinations.

The eighth floor observations deck of the Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center gives you a panoramic view of all that is happening at the Yard. You reach the top of the tower by an elevator. When you arrive at the top you can use the coin-operated binoculars (or bring your own) while standing in the enclosed area to see all that is going on. The seventh floor observation deck is open to the air allowing you to hear the diesel engines roar and the box cars clan as they come together to make a new train on the bowl tracks.