Hoover Dam


36.009151, -114.785667

The Discovery Tour replaced the traditional and hardhat tours previously conducted in the power house. The new on top of the dam interpretative tour provides visitors more information on the dam than ever before.

The Discovery Tour is a way to see, learn and appreciate what Hoover Dam is all about. This self-paced tour was created to meet the public interest in visiting the dam and provide a quality, informative visit, while recognizing that certain security precautions must be taken to protect the facility, the workers and the visiting public. Talks by our guide staff, are presented at a number of separate locations, within the visitor facilities and on top of the dam. A ticket is required to explore the Visitor Center and top of the dam exhibits.

While those of you visiting Hoover Dam in the past may remember our traditional and hard hat tours, we think you will find this new leisurely way of discovering the dam to be educational, informative, and a pleasant way to enjoy this national landmark. New information not previously included in our previous tours has been added to make this a memorable experience even for those of you that may have visited us before.