China & Pottery Manfacturers

Bennington Potters


+42, -73

Bennington Potters has been making stoneware pottery dinnerware, serving pieces, mugs and accessories for 68 years - right here in Bennington Vermont. Come See It Made! Home style store and factory open daily.

Cornwall Bridge Pottery

Cornwall Bridge,

41.82023, -73.373765

ing over the same sales, those people might not be prepared for it. We know what those conditions are like -- what that's all about -- so, we'd be in better position to weather the storm. I'd hate like heck to have to go through all that bad stuff again. But, right now, I'm glad we did. We're a better, more resilient company because of it."most every culture in the world have been an eclectic inspiration for the many shapes produced at the Cornwall Bridge Pottery.

In 1970, I served my apprenticeship with the world-renowned English potter Michael Cardew, who had revived the art of English slipware and who had worked extensively in West Africa, interpreting and refining the traditional earthenware techniques of the region. Cardew is best known today for his book Pioneer Pottery. Later I was introduced to the styles of T'ang dynasty Chinese porcelain, Korean kimchi jars, and French Provincial stoneware. All of these influences now combine in our durable, decorative and very useful wood-fired pottery.

Our facilities are without equal, even in today's widespread revival of pottery handcraft.Our wood-fired climbing kiln, 35 feet (11m) long and five feet (1.5m) in inside diameter, has a packing capacity of six hundred cubic feet (60m3). At present, we fire six times a year, each firing producing 6000 pounds (2700 kg) of ware. We mix our clay according to a carefully devised formula and fire with local slabwood. Several glazes are made from materials we find locally and process ourselves.We concentrate at every step on producing well-made, functional, beautiful pots that sell for a reasonable price.

Heath Ceramics


37.869687, -122.500274

Join us for a tour of our historic Sausalito factory, where our craftsmen have been producing award-winning tableware and architectural tile for over half a century. You'll see how every part of our process from clay-making to kiln-firing is done right here in our 1959 factory, often utilizing the original methods and equipment developed by Edith Heath throughout her career.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Homer Laughlin China Company


40.6197990, -80.6046300

Come and take a tour of the Homer Laughlin China Company Factory! Call us today at 1-800-452-4462 and make your factory tour reservation.

Louisville Stoneware


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Welcome to Louisville Stoneware one of our country's oldest and most revered stoneware manufacturing firms, known previously as Louisville Pottery...Experience with each of our beautiful and unique products our country's finest American handmade and handpainted stoneware, collectables, dinnerware and bakeware. Our historic company in Louisville, Kentucky connects its roots to the early 1800s.

The pattern variations and differences in shading found on our pieces are to be celebrated by discerning collectors such as you for they testify to the distinct quality of each piece of our functional art.

The high firing in our kilns makes our durable stoneware pieces ovenproof, microwave and dishwasher safe. The natural properties of Louisville Stoneware enable it to retain heat so as to keep food hot for serving while experiencing the creative talents of each of our artist through the use of each of your treasured Louisville Stoneware pieces.

Red Wing Stoneware Company

Red Wing,

44.568819, -92.629724

Red Wing Stoneware Company has been a tradition producing ?American Made? Red Wing pottery starting in the mid-1860's. Collectors and non-collectors alike cherish the historic Red Wing and Cobalt Blue designs on pottery made in Red Wing, Minnesota along the Mississippi River. Red Wing Stoneware Company is the first name in Red Wing pottery.

We proudly continue this tradition by creating handcrafted, functional, quality stoneware. It is functional in the kitchen, you can cook and bake in our stoneware and then bring the pottery right from the oven for your every day meals or that special gathering with friends or family. You will find that our stoneware retains the heat from the oven longer than baking dishes made from other materials. Decorate your home with the country feel you love by placing you magazines and newspapers in our 3-gallon crock. Get that same feeling with our ULĀ® rated country style electric lamps and lamp shades that have the modern convenience of a 3-way switch. In addition to retaining the classic Cobalt Blue decoration on many beloved shapes, our stoneware is lead-free, dishwasher and oven, and microwave safe. If you are looking for a Red Wing pottery catalog, just click on the link to our catalog to view your choices for great stoneware. Click on the ?Catalog? link, and then click on the ?Full Catalog? link to see our complete line of stoneware.

Bread and Pancake Mixes and other food items:
Red Wing Stoneware Company has a line of delicious ?All Natural? ?One Step? pancake and bread mixes. With our ?One Step? mixes all you need to add is water. Customers rave about the flavor of our mixes. The bread and pancake mixes are great additions for gifts to our stoneware. Complement the best pottery from Red Wing with our all natural mixes. If you are looking for a unique gift, consider our bread bakers with two or three of our allnatural bread mixes, or a couple packages of our one-step pancake mixes with our shoulder or batter bowls is sure to impress. Click on the ?Catalog? link, then click on the ?Full Catalog? link and finally page down to click on the ?Food Items? section. We also sell Minnesota Wild Rice grown right here in our pristine and clear Minnesota lakes. Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. Choose either the hand picked or cultivated Minnesota Wild Rice all at a great price. Either will be a great complement to your Red Wing stoneware gift. Click on the ?Catalog? link, and then click on the ?Full Catalog? link and finally page down to click on the ?Food Items? section.

Do you like soup? We sell the complete line of the ?Christmas Pointe Wild Rice Soups?. These are the best Wild Rice soups you can buy. All made right here in Minnesota with Minnesota?s famous Wild Rice. Choose a couple of different flavors to include with your gift of the finest pottery of Red Wing, Minnesota. Click on the ?Catalog? link, and then click on the ?Full Catalog? link and finally page down to click on the ?Food Items? section.

Red Wing Stoneware Hats & Clothing:
Are you running out of things to wear? Are you trying to make a fashion statement? Consider the clothing from the original name for pottery in Red Wing, Minnesota, Red Wing Stoneware. Hats, jackets, sweat shirts and T- shirts are all available. Click on the ?Catalog? link, and then click on the ?Full Catalog? link and finally page down to click on the ?Clothing? section.

Candles and Tarts:
The finest pottery from Red Wing should have the finest candle, Yankee Candles. We sell a broad line of Yankee Candles including; scented tarts, votives, jars and tapers. Click on the ?Catalog? link, and then click on the ?Full Catalog? link and finally page down to click on the ?Yankee Candles & Wax Tarts? section.

Personalized Stoneware:
In keeping with our heritage, we continue to produce limited editions and specialty advertising pieces here in Red Wing, Minnesota USA for you. If you would like the ?American Made? pottery from Red Wing Stoneware Company to be used for your town, city, state or church centennial, quasquicentennial, sesquicentennial or bicentennial or for your fund-raiser, business or reunion, please contact us. You may give us a call, send us e-mail from the [email protected]? link below or click on the ?Personalized? link above.

Replacements Inc.


36.062514, -79.681782

Who are we and what is our purpose, you ask? We create, honor and preserve traditions by connecting our customers with their most cherished memories.

While fulfilling this purpose, we happen to have become the world's largest supplier of old and new china, crystal, silver, and collectibles. Our 300,000 square foot facilities (the size of five football fields!) house an incredible inventory of 10 million pieces in more than 180,000 patterns, some over 100 years old!

Sioux Pottery

Rapid City,

44.064315, -103.193354

Made from the red clay of the Black Hills, SD, USA ~ sacred to the Lakota People ~ and a fine imported white clay from Kentucky.

Each piece is crafted by the Sioux artists and decorated with designs and symbols important to their culture. The Paha Sapa (Black Hills) provided shelter, food, and sustenance for the Indian Tribes of the Great Sioux Nation, and continues to yield the red clay used in making Sioux Pottery.

Sioux Pottery is designed and hand crafted by Sioux Indian Artists. Our plant is located in Rapid City, South Dakota, gateway to the beautiful Black Hills area, and is less than an hour's drive from the scenic and historic South Dakota Badlands.

We invite you to visit our factory, meet the artists and see how Sioux Pottery is made. Visitors are always welcome!

Many pieces are on display, including our Sioux Pottery Collectibles and handcrafted silver jewelry. The triangular symbols developed and used by the Seven Tribes of the Lakota depicted the nature surrounding them, their dealings and important events.

These symbols dominated the intricate designs of their bead work, and decorated their skin garments, weapons, utensils and pottery. Sioux symbols alone, or in combination, express the spirit and culture of the Lakota people. Sioux Artists have skillfully adapted these symbols in the unique decorative designs of Sioux Pottery.

Terra Studios


35.940376, -93.979794

Terra Studios is located in the Ozark Mountains near Fayetteville, Arkansas. Here, artisans produce glass and pottery homewares, gifts and fine art pieces. We hope that you will come to visit us. Terra visitors can stroll along the wooded paths through the mural garden, explore the pottery showroom and watch skilled glassworkers create the now famous Bluebird of Happiness.

The Hall China Company

East Liverpool,

40.638223, -80.534651

The Hall China Company, the largest manufacturer of specialty chinaware, has added the most advanced manufacturing technology. Through our Super Express Service? Catalog, we offer more than 730 of our most popular chinaware shapes and sizes, with even more color options, all in packed stock and ready for immediate shipment - overnight if needed.